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What is SII?

The SII (Immediate Supply of Information on VAT) requires the electronic communication of relevant data for VAT purposes of all invoices issued and received by the company, including simplified invoices or tickets, within a maximum period of 4 days.

Which companies are affected?

Over 62,000 companies throughout the country are required to adapt to the new SII system, including:

Large companies with annual turnover over 6 million euros.
Corporate groups for VAT purposes.
Registered in the REDEME or monthly tax refund system.

Those companies that voluntarily want to join this new VAT bookkeeping system can also adopt the SII.

When does it come into effect?

Any affected company must be operating with the new SII system from July 1, 2017. The starting date for the Tax Authorities is January 1, 2018.

If you are already working with the SII, we can certainly help you by minimizing your service costs. We will speed up your management in an efficient way in all the procedures.

How can we help you?

Contact us about any questions related to the MCR SII.
We will answer you as soon as possible.


Data Integration, EDI


No need for hardware


Reduced costs

Immediate financial gain

Solutions adapted to your needs

Thanks to iMep, clients will be able to automate the sending of information, upload several books simultaneously, automatically control the delivery deadlines and generate automatic alerts, among other advantages, with only one SII software.

  • Massive transaction load.
  • Tax reconciliation of invoices.
  • Loading and modification of invoices.
  • Authorization list and dashboard.
  • Users connected.
  • Complete display of batches and transactions made.

MCR SII: Innovation

• Connection with whichever ERP but it is also possible to upload the tax information manually from an Excel document
• Continuous connection to the AEAT automatically
• Generation of all required files for SII
• We maintain control over the status of transactions (additions, deletions, modifications and cancellations) at all times
• Real-time management of VAT notifications
Batch and Record Management and Statuses
Automatic or manual processing of files
Automatic or manual reprocessing
Alert management
Dashboard Central
• Reconciliation with the data sent and actually uploaded to the Inland Revenue
• As a specialist in ERPs and EDI processes, MCR solutions has truly innovated to offer you a simple platform for the user that at the same time meets the technical and complex requirements of AEAT.


If you have any questions about MCR SII or how it can be adapted to your particular needs, please contact us and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.